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Xiamen source embellish iron art decoration Co., Ltd. is a professional industry and trade company specializing in the manufacture and sale of iron art. It has the first class craft. The products include the forged iron gate, the staircase armrest, the fence guardrail, all kinds of iron fittings and iron furniture, ornaments and so on. It combines the eastern and Western civilization with the fine HUAWEI. It has both the European civilization and the beauty. It is not only romantic but also romantic. Xiamen source embellish embellish ornament emphasizes the agreement between the product and the person's personality. While paying attention to the practical function, it pays more attention to the cultural connotation created by the product and the spiritual enjoyment to the people. The pursuit of dynamic development, update the fashion.
Management: forging, cast iron, gate, indoor and outdoor guardrail, housing rack, boutique furniture, rotary staircase, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.


The so-called iron art is through the casting, plating, weaving technology, the use of iron and steel specially for decoration manufacturing craft works. Whether it is the combination of geometric patterns or the reproduction of the flower pattern, whether it is the ornament of family clothes, the use of large area, and the resurrection of the image of birds and animals, all of them add style to the decorative effect from different angles. Iron art decoration, mainly used for exterior wall railings, indoor and outdoor guardrails, indoor and outdoor anti-theft net, iron art window, iron gate, interior partition, wall skirt, iron ceiling decoration, iron art screen level, to create an atmosphere of Western art in vision, especially in the beautifying of larger environment. The imagination of the culture and art of the continent. Another feature of iron decoration is its solemnity and permanence. Its permanence is indeed the ordinary decorative materials can not be compared, especially in the outdoor use, iron and art products are more resistant to wind and rain, sun and ice, more conducive to maintenance and care. In foreign countries, it has become a precious cultural heritage with iron art decoration for a hundred years.
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